Virtual theory previews next Nissan GT-R

We got our first tantalising look via a teaser image and now Nissan has lifted the veil that was virtual from a digital notion that delivers the first official hints to Nissan’s next-generation GT-R.

It was created in collaboration with Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital, the 2020 Vision GT theory will be available to download ‘drive’ from July via the GT6 driving simulator.

But in addition it provides the first visual hints for the next-generation R36 GT-R super-coupe, that could emerge when late 2015 – nine years after the existing R35 version’s international release.

“This is a look at what a high performance supercar from Nissan may look like in the future,” said the Japanese brand of the 2 2 virtual supercar, which features a radical new aerodynamic body.

The company says the virtual concept began life as “a dream job for Nissan designers who were given free rein to create their dream supercar for his or her own Gran Turismo fantasy garage.

“As an outcome, NISSAN CONCEPT 2020 Vision Gran Turismo gives hints about how a supercar of the future might appear.

“But as a specialist in automotive design in three-dimensions, Nissan considers that the real-world is ready for the NISSAN CONCEPT 2020 Vision Gran Turismo. Watch this space…”

While the new GTR is not likely to look exactly like the crazy theory when it appears in the second half of the decade, Nissan has already signaled it’s going to take a radical new course by utilizing hybrid power to be faster, swifter and more fuel efficient.

Nissan will enter the 2015 World Endurance Championship with a topflight LMP1 program to take on Audi, Porsche and Toyota, using the NISMO GT-R as its basis.

But to be eligible for the outright LMP1 class, it must be hybrid-powered and will most likely employment technology pioneered in 2013 by the controversial ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Competition), the wild wing contour of which is outlawed by class regulations.

“The three manufacturers in LMP1 have brought three different forms of technology and we will bring a fourth,” said NISMO’s worldwide head of brand, advertising and sales, Darren Cox at Le Mans on the weekend.

“This is the place where future road technologies are proven.”

At Le Mans, the ZEOD RC exceeded 300km/h on electric power down the Mulsanne straight and finished a whole lap of the 13.629kilometer circuit running only on battery power.

Powered by a 1.5-litre triple-cylinder turbo-petrol engine and two electric motors, the ZEOD is a forerunner to a staggered-track production sports car previewed by the BladeRunner, which will create a four-car Nissan sports car line up additionally including a showroom variant of the compact IDx coupe and next year’s new 370Z.

Yet, Nissan’s next GTR, which will continue to be Nissan’s sports main, is anticipated to be powered by a hybridised version of the existing model’s 404kW/628Nm dual-turbo 3.8-litre V6 co-developed by NISMO and nine times Formula Once constructor’s champ Williams.

It’s considered Williams Hybrid Power (WHP), which created the electromechanical composite flywheel system now used by Audi and Porsche racers, will use the state-of-the-art technology to enhance the new GTR’s power output to just as much as 600kW.

Combined with specialised substances and aero parts previewed by the GTR NISMO, the next ‘Godzilla’ will weigh significantly less (1740kg), spelling improved better racetrack times, a higher top speed and fuel consumption, quicker acceleration.

The current 441kW/650Nm GT R NISMO lowers the R35′s claimed 0-100km/h acceleration time to about 2.5 seconds and set a new Nurburgring lap time of just 7:08.679 – 30 seconds better than the 2007 GT-R (7:38) and just 11 seconds slower than Porsche’s 918 Spyder plugin hybrid vehicle (6:57).

Nissan says that makes the NISMO GTR the quickest ‘quantity production car’ to lap the Nurburgring, since the 918 is a limited edition version is McLaren’s upcoming P1 GTR, which also has the target of a sub-seven-minute Nurburgring lap.

So the next GTR has big shoes to fill.

Delanco parent: Replacement is needed by playground chips

The pulverized tire chips used to cushion two of the playgrounds of the school district are blackening clothing and the hands of students at break, and one parent wants officials to take action about it.

Laurie van Genderen, the mother-of two daughters, asked the school board last Wednesday to consider replacing the playgrounds’ surfaces.

“I don’t want to send two daughters in certain garments. I know they’re going to be ruined,” she said. It really is an issue.”
The M. Joan Pearson School has two playgrounds, one with rubber chips, one with mulch; the Walnut Street School has one with rubber chips.
Van Genderen revealed the board members photographs of her daughters’ dirty hands and feet after playing at the playground in addition to a photograph of a sneaker put in its sole.

When she picked up Ella, and her girls, Hanna, 9, 6, after school she showed Ella’s face was smudged from rubbing it with her blackened hands. The rock climbing children had scattered on the playground equipment chips.

“I must purchase black sneakers.
Board member Phil Jenkins said he would be happy to take a look at alternate surfaces when he attends the next New Jersey School Boards Association convention in Atlantic City in October. Exhibitors that offer supplies additionally attend the convention.
She estimated the cost at about $76,000.
Van Genderen, who is chairwoman agreed.
“I do not want to simply complain. I would love to be part of the alternative,” she said.
Van said when wood chips are used at playgrounds, children’s shoes can be got into by them but don’t leave stains that are black on clothing and their skin the way rubber chips do.
PTO president Ruth Esposito said if some parents were interested in forming a drive the organization may help with any fundraising.

Joan Burton attempted to blend in wearing sunglasses in a theater, reveals Mario Rosenstock

Joan Burton attempted to blend in wearing sunglasses in a theater, reveals Mario Rosenstock

oan Burton
Mario Rosenstock revealed Social Protection Minister Joan Burton tried to go incognito at a humor show but failed.
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The Labour TD attended one and in her attempt to combine into the crowd, stuck out like a sore thumb.

Her giveaway? Wearing sunglass…at night and inside.
Unable to play media…

“I believe she tried to remain anonmyous, but she was the only man in the crowd wearing a pair of sunglasses.

“And I went, ‘Sorry who is that person wearing sunglasses’ and she looked up at me from the audience.”

He burst into one of his famous impressions of Burton, who shouted encouragement at him, after realising who it was in the crowd.

“Hi Mario, you’re plain a blinder out there,” he explained of Joan’s reaction to being picked out of the crowd. “From one end of the theatre to the other. But she was wearing shades, so she stood out.”

Hi Mario added that Burton is famous for her sense of humour.

“She does indeed, she is well-known for being great craic,” he added. “She’d need to be right now!”

Get your next pair of Ray Bans remixed

It may now function as the grand old age of sixty-two, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer remains an essential item for the design-conscious guy. Wrapped in a metal framework for the first time, its first pair of shades, the Aviator, went on sale to the general public . Ray Ban continued to furnish the US military throughout WWII, cementing the business in legend.

But it was the Fifties, and Hollywood in particular, that birthed the Wayfarer. Established in 1952, the Wayfarer used plastic moulding technology that was cutting edge and became one of the very first plastic frames in creation. Product placement immediately followed – the design was famously worn by James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause – and with no pair Bob Dylan was rarely seen during the Sixties.

Subsequently followed crucial placements on various cast members in fad, Don Johnson in Miami Vice and Tom Cruise in Risky Business teen movie, The Breakfast Club. The Wayfarer was popular again. Michael Jackson secured its fate, picking Wayfarers as his official shades for the Poor tour.

Wayfarers’ influence is felt far and wide, with a large number of lookalikes on every High Street. Nevertheless, therein lies the snag: popularity is who would like to look like everyone else, and ubiquity?

Happily the sunglass- this is being countered by maker with Rayban Remix, a fresh on-line customisation service in which you can tweak the template of special styles with delivery in only 3 to your conditions -5 days. Inject your personality into your favourite design; pick between the Wayfarer, Aviator, Eliza, Justin, Cockpit or the Clubmaster. Alter the frame’s colour and texture, pick between polarised or gradient, mirror lenses, engrave the arms, personalise the case and more. Your Ray Bans – like no others.

The Line Break: The Triple Positive Set By The Gudauskas Brothers of electric

We need to admit we were intrigued after receiving a copy of Electrical’s “Planet Stoke” poster from the Guadauskas brothers.

Into a new line of shades, the Triple Positive Set, the brothers have harnessed their creative visions collectively with Electric. Judging from the compilation of vision and apt wordsmith skills, we collected that although these shades in reality will not necessarily help you space travel, the inspiration behind them was meant to free your head and take you to a place “that appears with one simple idea…positivity.” In today’s frantic world, that is for some, and an inviting concept, may be reasonably comparable to walking on the moon.

We tracked down Ian Foulke, Surf Marketing Manager & Global Lifestyle, to hear more about the Triple Positive collection from a distribution and design standpoint, and also got the scoop from Dane, and Tanner, Pat themselves.

In their own words, what are they hyped on about what message, and the collection are they hoping to get across? (would be cool to get direct quotes from them, if you can.)

Pat, Dane, and Tanner needed world travels through the Triple Positive Set and to jointly share their life experiences. By working with Electric to locate a creative outlet the brothers get to tangibly express the things.

Tanner G:

“My mom has always accumulated beach glass in the shores we surfed at. So we’ve constantly had beach glass at all around and your house. I was thinking about colours for my framework and I saw some sea glass within my room.

Patrick G:For myself, my spectacles came from a blend of discoveries on the highway. One pair of glasses my brother Tanner and I found in this street market in Portugal while on a surfing trip. It looked like a classic little bifocal type of glasses. We bought them for 5 dollars, and called Tanner the Harry Potter protections. So I think those were my inspirations in both recalling those excursions and showcasing windows to my stoke.”

Dane G:

“My mom feel like when folks look at you if you are wearing the Huxley, they’re feeling something similar. It is a sharing experience that is strong. You can’t express yourself than wearing something. So, with these it is a complete freedom expression session.”

What inspired Electric to start what’s new/advanced on the product side and this range?

Pat Dane, and Tanner Tanner are broadly known due to their love of life and channeling . They’re also known because of their skill to share that feeling with everyone. The Triple Favorable Group is a manner for ELECTRICAL to share that feeling with folks through merchandise. Beyond being a series of glasses that are great, the Triple Positive Collection is a celebration of lifestyle, the passion, and energy that makes the Guduaskas brothers who people are.
From a production and design point of view, how long did this collection take to develop and what did that procedure seem like? How closely and frequently did the design team work?

The entire project started with Eric Crane, our CEO, and the G -boys going for a surf together at home. They started talking about traveling, surfing, life, and inspirations. All brought about thoughts for the Triple Positive Set. Several of the key things that came to light as inspirations were old frames their mom used to wear, the graphic elements in Palm Reading culture and patterns, vintage prints, and the sea glass that they’ve discovered while traveling. That is a common bond with what the Brothers are interested in, as well as diversity that lets them each express their own


From there Eric took Tanner’s ideas, and Pat, Dane to our team. As our Chief Design Officer, Kip Arnette provided perspective and his guidance. Josh Hartley, Sunglass Merchandise Supervisor, made sure the designs were driven by each brother’s character and helped pull it all together. Just like with any design procedure there was lots of back and forth with the brothers. Each of them was deeply involved in every step of the procedure, which helped it be an easy and all-natural bargain. The Triple Positive narrative hopefully motivates others to take hold of the exact same favorable outlook on life.

How is each frame unique to each brother? What sets them apart?

From the framework to the finishing, each aspect of the Triple Positive Collection has a personal contact from every brother. Tanner has fought to find a very wearable framework. The raw, matte, finish is reminiscent of a rare shore walk locate-sea glass, something Tanner loved to gather in his youth.

The Bengal framework design pays respects to vintage ski culture. Pat felt the shape was for him and tends to have fun. The printed finish design stems from a classic sunglass case that belonged to his grandma.

Electric announced today that Peter Dodd, Brand Manager is stepping down after 14 years.

Electric announced today that Peter Dodd, Brand Manager is stepping down after 14 years. As of today, Damion Fuller has joined the business as General Manager.

“I’m tremendously proud of the awesome things we’ve achieved in the last 14 years. To be involved in early 2000 in the brands beginning, to the acquisition by Volcom in 2008, and being obtained by the Kering Group, it is an unbelievable journey. I’m confident that in helping develop the brand to its present state I have helped put a sound foundation to continue to prosper into the future. The Kering Group has brought an incredible abundance of knowledge, talent and infrastructure to the brand and I have no doubt the brands future is in the best hands for it to actually realize it’s possible.” – Peter Dod

“We couldn’t be more thankful for Pete’s leadership and contribution to the brand since it’s starting in 2000. Pete stepped up to take the helm and keep Electric on path as a leader in the sunglass group, when the brand was going through it’s last big transition. We know he’ll achieve success in the next phase of his career.”- CEO Eric Crane,

“I have great respect for Peter and his devotion to Electric. Peter and team have developed the brand with authenticity and integrity. I anticipate honoring the relationships they have built over the past decade. Having been a supporter since its origin, I am honored to be joining the team at such a pivotal time in the evolution of the company. Incredible opportunities exist in the action sports market for high-quality, genuine brands like Electric. The Electric team has done a great job positioning the brand for growth. Combine these efforts with Electric’s premium merchandise range and the chances are never-ending ” – Damion Fuller


Damien brings more than 20 years expertise, formerly Senior Designer of attire & accessories Product Development Supervisor at Deus Ex Machina, Head of Layout and Global Group Manager /Creative Director.


Electric is an international, superior sport and lifestyle accessory brand rooted in Southern California’s affluent action sports, customization, art and music culture. Electrical designs and markets an extensive line of clothing, watches, sunglasses, snow goggles, snow helmets, bags and accessories through the globe. In 2011, Electric became part of the Kering group, a world leader in accessories and attire.